Snow Flakes

Christmas lessonも2回目になりました。みんなでsnow flakes を作って遊びました。なんとこの後は、Magicを使って大きなsnowman が出てきたよ。


Christmas lesson





Santa Letter



Christmas is around the corner!

We started off our countdown to Christmas with writing and drawing lessons to Santa. We have a special Santa Mailbox at the school so students can post their letters directly to Santa. “What do want for Christmas?” was our theme this week. This year we will have two Christmas parties to choose from. One for younger students and one for older students. The latter party will be a “game party”. We will be playing many types of board game and classic strategy games in English. 

Movie Nights

This year we started “Movie Nights”. I wanted my students to experience movies with a drive – in atmosphere compete with drive in commercials and cartoons. I also wanted to show movies that perhaps they never seen before.

This month our movie is “Iron Giant”. It’s an animated movie that is on many “Top Movies for Children” lists. It’s a story of a giant “robot” from space that is befriended by a young boy. I saw this movie many years ago and look forward to seeing it again with my students on November 24th.


Halloween Party 2018

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a good time at our Halloween Party!


The weather is getting finally getting cooler. It was a long hot summer! We are getting ready for our Halloween party on October 21st. This month we will be doing games and activities to celebrate Halloween. When we were kids, monsters movies were very popular. I still love them! Julian doesn’t like scary movies much, but he is building a classic plastic model of Dracula that my brother sent from America. I think it is very cool!